We have arranged a special deal with our suppliers. We believe that we are making Polywatch available to you at the lowest price in the UK. 


If you have an expensive watch that lies in the drawer because the plastic lens has been scratched or scuffed through accident or everyday use, then polywatch is the product for you.

Watches with watch crystals made of plastic - antique, vintage and even modern watches such as Swatch and Fossil - are often left unused by their owners as they have lost their "new " look due damage caused by everyday use. The cost of sending them to a service centre is often prohibitive and the watch is eventually left to languish in the bottom of a drawer or is sold on Ebay at a fraction of its real value.

PolyWatch allows you to restore the part of your prized watch that is most vulnerable to damage - the plastic crytal - to an almost perfect new condition. All that you need isa little time, effort and ​a tube of PolyWatch to get your watch looking great again.

Polywatch Acrylic Watchglass Restorer

SKU: P19394