Rodico - Bergeon - Cleaning Compound

Rodico premium cleaning putty is a must for the watchmaker/repairer and one should never run out. 
For cleaning balance pivots, train wheel pivots, removing finger prints and stains from plates, bridges, dials, hands; removing excess oil from watch jewels and taking out broken pivots from the jewels.

  • Bergeon Swiss
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • 1001 workshop uses
  • For workshops electronics, laboratories, factories etc.
  • Traditional (Green): Bergeon 6033.1
  • Premium (White): Bergeon 7033.1

A solid state dry cleaning material in stick form, is intended for removal of dirt, contamination and finger marks from all non porous surfaces, PCBs etc... it is soft to touch, non corrosive and harmless to skin.

Rodico Cleaning Putty