This downloadable file contains a wealth of information for professional and amateur watchmakers and repairers alike.


In addition to a huge list of cross reference information relating to Ronda balance staffs, there is also other very useful information relating to manufacturing symbols, jewel identification etc.


You will receive a notification of how to download your file once payment has been completed. In the meantimne, you can review your knowledge of Balance Staff Replacement by viewing this very interesting video from the Watch Repair Channel

Ronda Balance Staff Reference Guide

  • The documant is provided as a .pdf download. You will require a .pdf reader and these are freely available on the internet.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended and can be downloaded HERE

  • What You Have Paid For: Colin's Watches have prepared a downloadable file that can be read and / or  printed. You are paying for this preparation and access to this  electronic file containing intellectual material that is free to use but remains the property of the original owner.

    What you CAN do:

    The information within this .pdf document is free to print and disseminate as you wish.  Please remember though that the ownership of intellectual property rights remain with the original author

    What you should NOT do:

    The electronic file may NOT be resold in its current format without the permission of Colin's Watches who prepared this file for dissemination.