Shellac For Watch Repair

Watch repair enthisiasts will no doubt want to buy some shellac. Why? Simply because it facilitates the repair / resetting of roller or pallet jewels on that timepiece for which no ready made replacement is available.

For your convenience, It is supplied to you in various sizes ranging from 10 to 50grams bags.  For professionals, this will last a few months. For enthusiasts, it may even last years.

If you want bigger sizes, contact Colin's Watches via our contact page and we will quote you a competative price.


If you have never used it before or are struggling a bit, have a look at this video on "YouTube" by clicking HERE (By Kind Permission of The Watch Repair Channel,. After watching the video, consider having a look at some of the other videos in this Youtube Channel - you will not be disappointed.)




Shellac For Watchmaker / Repairer's

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